Sivers Semiconductors has released a 2D beam steering module, comprising the antenna and analog radio, covering the full 57 to 71 GHz unlicensed band. The BFM06009 was developed for fixed wireless access (FWA) applications and supports the 802.11ad and 5G NR-U, TDD standards and data rates to 10 Gbps.

The BFM06009 combines the performance of the TRX BF/01 RFIC with an innovative antenna design in a single module, which provides 2D beam steering and transmit power of approximately +40 dBm. Integrating the antenna and RFIC simplifies radio design, reduces the total cost of ownership and supports FWA systems for many applications.

The unique antenna design provides consistently flat performance over the full 14 GHz frequency band from 57 to 71 GHz. Antenna gain is within 1.5 dB, with transmit power between 39 and 40 dBm on boresight. The antenna beam can be steered to cover >100 degrees in azimuth and >50 degrees in elevation, enabling a wide range of placement options.

The RFIC module has a zero IF baseband interface, integrated analog baseband and autonomous calibration. It is compatible with any baseband solution that supports zero IF and has been demonstrated to work seamlessly with Renesas’ RWM6050/6051 modems.

To support volume manufacturing, castellated vias provide the physical and electrical interface between the beam steering module and the printed circuit board of the next higher assembly. For customers using earlier Sivers Semiconductors modules, an adapter board is available to ensure backward compatibility.

Sivers Semiconductors AB
Kista, Sweden