Amphenol RF is pleased to introduce an expansion of their 12G-SDI broadcast products. Four new products are available, with three designed to work with Belden 4505P cable:

•       031-70572-12G, BNC Straight Crimp Plug
•       031-70573-12G, BNC Straight Crimp Jack
•       034-1137-12G, HD-BNC Straight Crimp Plug
•       031-70576-12G, BNC Straight PCB Jack, Bulkhead Mount
Amphenol RF is the industry leader in offering high performance interconnects optimized to work with broadcast industry standard products. These 75 Ohm cable connectors have been designed to work with 4505P cable, and to meet SMPTE 2082 standards. Plenum cables have low smoke and low flame characteristics, and are necessary when run in any air handling interior spaces.

Connector bodies are nickel plated and contacts are gold plated, machined from brass or phosphor bronze. Components are designed to be crimped to 4505P cable, with attention paid to improve assembly and connector performance for broadcast. The bulkhead mount PCB jack uses similar materials and plating. The design allows developers to eliminate a cabled connection, where the RF signal can be routed from a panel directly to a PCB.

12G products are suited for a number of applications, including mobile and fixed studio equipment, high-definition cameras and video encoders and playback gear. For custom 12G designs, or for more information and additional products, please contact Amphenol RF.