SiTime Corporation, a market leader in MEMS timing, announced that CellBounce, a division of ADT, has chosen the SiTime Elite Platform® Super-TCXO® for its 3G-to-4G conversion solution that is certified for use on the AT&T 4G cellular network. 

SiTime MEMS-based Elite Super-TCXOs achieve an all-inclusive ±250 ppb frequency stability over ten years, which is 10x better than existing solutions. This performance provides many benefits: eliminating a calibration step in production testing, optimizing network bandwidth utilization and reducing operating costs by eliminating run-time field calibration. SiTime Elite Platform Super-TCXOs are MEMS-based precision temperature-compensated oscillators engineered to deliver stable timing under environmental stressors, including airflow, rapid temperature changes, shock, vibration, poor power supply, and EMI. The platform includes 1 MHz to 220 MHz TCXOs with tight stability (±0.05 ppm to ±2.5 ppm), exceptional dynamic performance, and rich features. The TCXOs solve longstanding timing problems for telecom, wireless, networking and precision GNSS systems and can replace legacy quartz OCXOs in 5G and IEEE 1588 synchronization applications while reducing power consumption and size.

“Our proprietary 3G-to-4G bridge solution requires very stable timing over its operating life,” said Jay Robertson, senior vice president of product at ADT. “SiTime provides the right timing performance required by our solutions.”

CellBounce is a plug-and-play conversion technology designed to solve one of the home security industry’s biggest logistical challenges in the next year and a half. Many home security customers with 3G radios in their security panels can receive and utilize the CellBounce device, similar to a smart plug, by simply plugging it in to a power outlet near their security panel to enable continued cellular connection well beyond the 3G sunset.