Pasternack has just launched a new line of 900 MHz antennas designed to address RFID, SCADA and utility network applications.

Pasternack’s line of rubber duck, panel and blade antennas include 13 new models that are designed for use in a wide range of ISM applications where critical control systems are often employed.

The new rubber duck antennas feature a tilt and swivel design for multiple angle use and one model offers a rigid design for upright, solid installation to the radio. These antennas provide gain ranging from 3 dBi to 5 dBi, are constructed of the highest quality materials to ensure high-performance and are outfitted with either RP-SMA or male SMA connectors.

The panel antennas consist of three models that feature right-hand circular polarization making them very suitable for RFID applications, and four models that can be installed with either vertical or horizontal polarization. All seven of these panel antennas offer 8 dBi of gain and RP-SMA, RP-TNC, Type-N and SMA connector options. 

Additionally, as part of this new antenna release, Pasternack now offers a tri-band, blade antenna that is perfect for mobile applications.  This compact, glass-mount, UMTS/WLAN antenna features 2 dBi of gain and operates in the 824 to 960 MHz, 1,710 to 2,200 MHz and 2,400 MHz frequency bands. 

“Our new offering of 900 MHz antennas complements our existing antenna line by providing options that offer a superior upgrade to the stock antennas supplied with many access points and radios, in the case of the rubber ducks, and the ability to offer circular and H/V polarization with the new panel antennas. Also, the new tri-band blade antenna is a perfect solution for mobile wireless connectivity applications where a broad frequency range must be supported,” said Kevin Hietpas, product line manager.

Pasternack’s 900 MHz rubber duck, panel and blade antennas are all in-stock and available for immediate shipping with no minimum order quantity required.