Cinch Connectivity Solutions introduced its new Midwest Microwave line of space qualified parts for space (QPS) coaxial attenuators. QPS Attenuators are specifically designed for signal processing and communications applications in satellite payload and ground testing equipment used in both the traditional GEO, as well as the rapidly growing LEO space markets.

These attenuators are designed and manufactured using the same robust and high-reliability design as the well-established Midwest Microwave line of QPL Attenuators, and they are qualified and screened according to the MIL-DTL-3933 space level T qualification. All material used either meets or exceeds the NASA required 1 percent total mass loss and 0.1 percent collected volatile condensable materials requirements as tested per ASTM E595. QPS Attenuators are offered in three different screening levels and level A screened models are available off the shelf, through distribution.

Cinch Connectivity Solutions’ Midwest Microwave brand has extensive experience supporting space flight programs with numerous attenuator and termination products used on space programs such as Emirates Mars Mission, Parker Solar Probe, Europa Clipper, One Web and GPS Satellites. Midwest Microwave’s QPS Attenuators are the only space attenuators offered by an official MIL-DTL-3933 qualified supplier.