RF Circuits and Applications for Practicing Engineers

Mouqun Dong

This comprehensive resource explains the theory of RF circuits and systems and the practice of designing them. The fundamentals for linear and low noise amplifier designs, including the noise and S-parameters and their applications in amplifier designs and matching network designs using the Smith chart are covered. Theories of RF power amplifiers and high efficiency power amplifiers are also explained. The underpinnings of wireless communications systems as well as passive components commonly used in RF circuits and measurements are discussed. RF measurement techniques and RF switches are also presented. The book explores stability criteria and the invariant property of lossless networks and includes detailed theoretical treatments.

The basic concepts and techniques covered in this book are routinely used in today’s engineering practice, especially from the perspective of printed circuit board-based RF circuit design and system integration. Intended for practicing engineers and circuit designers, this book focuses on practical topics in circuit design and measurement techniques. It bridges the gap between academic materials and real circuit designs using real circuit examples and practical tips. Readers develop a numerical feel for RF problems as well as awareness of the concepts of design for cost and design for manufacturing, which is a critical skill set for today’s engineers working in an environment of commercial product development.

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ISBN: 978-1-63081-631-5
320 pages
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