Keysight Technologies, Inc. has introduced a new performance test solution that enables mobile operators to automatically benchmark and evaluate performance of 5G new radio (NR) devices and base stations in a laboratory environment.

Keysight's Performance Benchmarking Solution for Lab Networks enables mobile operators to flexibly, confidently and cost-effectively evaluate how 5G devices and 5G bases stations will perform in a live 5G NR network environment as new models, features and versions become available. The versatile test solution combines Keysight's Nemo Outdoor 5G NR Drive Test Solution, Nemo 5G Device Analytics software, and PathWave Test Automation, a test sequencer built on OpenTAP, an open source test automation engine, and complemented with a wide range of test cases to create an automated test environment.

"We're pleased to support mobile operators with an automated performance test solution that reduces time to market, while maintaining high quality standards, compared to manual processes," said Petri Toljamo, vice president and general manager for Nemo wireless solutions at Keysight. "Frequent updates to devices and base stations, as well as the introduction of new models and versions, require a simple, workflow-connected solution that generates a single performance score for each device or base station under test."

Keysight's 5G Performance Benchmarking Solution for Lab Networks enables mobile operators to:

  • Evaluate multiple devices in a single test campaign using live base stations
  • Evaluate a 5G base station (gNodeB) using a reference 5G device
  • Compile key performance indicators across multiple test cases to generate a single score, reinforcing objective comparisons between the different models or versions under test
  • Access a single user interface for test plan execution, analysis, report generation and access to historical records
  • Expand test campaigns and evaluate advanced scenarios such as mobility by using OpenTAP and attenuators

"Keysight's integrated solutions improve test automation and accelerate performance evaluation in a test laboratory environment prior to deployment enables Erillisverkot to provide secure and reliable information and communications technology services to public authorities," said Antti Kauppinen, head of department, mobile technology development and strategy, Erillisverkot Group. "Thorough and continuous testing of devices and network elements with new features and updates guarantees a smooth roll-out."

Users can combine Keysight's Performance Benchmarking Solution for Lab Networks with the company's 5G Device Benchmarking Toolset, a first-to-market solution launched in March 2020, to verify devices using Keysight's UXM 5G wireless test platform, a network emulator.