RFHIC released their latest 1,260 W, C-Band GaN solid-state wideband amplifier (RRP52591K2-42) designed for maritime, surveillance and early warning radar applications. This wideband amplifier operates from 5.2 to 5.9 GHz, providing users the flexibility of frequency ranges resulting in precise signal detection. The RRP52591K2-42 provides 1,260 W of output pulse power with a power gain of 42dB. This wideband GaN solid-state power amplifier achieves an efficiency of 35 percent and an amplitude pulse droop of 0.5 dB. It also delivers a flexible duty cycle range from 1  to 10 percent. The RRP52591K2-42 is built using RFHIC’s innovative GaN on SiC HEMT providing higher power density, efficiency and excellent thermal dissipating capabilities. Both RF ports have integrated DC blocking capacitors and are fully matched to 50 Ohms.