RIGOL Technologies announced the RSA3000N and RSA5000N Spectrum Analyzer which extends the flexibility and capability of the UltraReal platform with a new vector network analyzer (VNA) measurement mode.

The RSA5000N and the RSA3000N deliver the same performance specifications and feature set as the current RSA models but adds the VNA capability as a standard feature. With integrated Smith charts, polar charts, reflection coefficient, impedance, insertion loss, frequency response and a host of other measurements the RIGOL UltraReal Spectrum Analyzer becomes a fully functional VNA.

Supporting S11, S21 and distance to fault analysis, the RSA5000N and RSA3000N is an invaluable resource to engineers needing to tune antenna sets, search for communication and cable faults or fully characterize their active or passive RF components.

"We are always excited when we extend the capabilities of our products and answer the requests of our valued customers” says Michael Rizzo, general manager of RIGOL North America. “Customers of our spectrum analyzers have asked for a VNA for years and this powerful, flexible and affordable tool will bring VNA capabilities to customers for whom it has historically been out of reach.”

Starting at just $2,299 for a 1.5 GHz model the RSA3000N is a tool now accessible to small companies, educators and enthusiasts who have long hoped for an affordable and powerful VNA solution. With a frequency range up to 6.5 GHz the RSA5000N delivers the performance and range required for most of today’s mainstream IoT designs.

“With the explosion of IoT connected devices the need for powerful and affordable RF test solutions has never been greater,” continued Michael Rizzo. “By combining our VNA on the same UltraReal Platform our customers can leverage their test investment with an instrument able to function as a swept spectrum analyzer, a real-time analyzer, an EMI pre-compliance tool or a complex demodulation/analysis tool in addition to all the benefits of the VNA.”

There are five models of the VNA. The RSA3000N supports frequency ranges of 1.5 GHz, 3.0 GHz and 4.5 GHz with a starting price of $2,299. The RSA5000N ranges from 3.2 GHz to 6.5 GHz with prices starting at $8,999. RIGOL is accepting orders now.