Maja Systems has developed a series of mmWave antennas for cost-sensitive applications. The patented AirData™ family currently covers the 28, 39 and 60 GHz bands, providing 10 dBi gain with up to 10 percent operating bandwidth and with right- or left-hand circular polarization. Each antenna is available in either a surface-mount format, compatible with standard reflow attach to a PCB, or with a standard coaxial connector. The operating temperature range is from 40°C to +85°C.

For example, the 60 GHz design covers 55 to 65 GHz with 10 dBi gain, a total efficiency of 70 percent, beamwidth of 35 degrees and an axial ratio of 1.5 dB. Sidelobe levels are –10 dB relative to the main beam. The coaxial version of the 60 GHz design comes with a 1.85 mm connector.

The AirData antenna is based on a helix design, which is scalable to lower and higher frequencies, including 77 and 94 GHz. As well as offering a cost advantage, the size of the AirData antenna is smaller than a horn waveguide antenna, making it attractive for test and measurement, metrology, antenna range and 5G applications. It can also be used as an element in an active array for increasing gain and beam steering.

Maja Systems
Milpitas, Calif.