TMD Technologies LLC, has introduced the PTXM9754, an ultra-compact, modular microwave power module (MPM). This unit is ideally suited for high-performance military radar, EW/EA/ECM and communications systems. It utilizes a ‘super-mini’ travelling wave tube (TWT), a solid-state preamp, and an optimized high density switched-mode power supply to form a single ‘drop-in’ amplifier block. This design provides a form, fit, function equivalent to existing 6 to 18 GHz MPMs installed across many shipboard, airborne, and ground-based systems.

Tom Curtin, vice president of Sales and Business Development, TMD Technologies said, “This advanced unit has been designed in direct response to unprecedented demand for a drop-in replacement as an alternative to existing 6 to 18 GHz 100 W (minimum) MPMs.  Following a high-priority development project at our design facility in London, UK, TMD has produced a superior high-performance amplifier, built to stringent specifications, and readily available to support existing and new DoD programs.”

A host of features
The PTXM9754 features a broadband 6 to 18 GHz TWT capable of providing 100 W CW minimum across the band. It incorporates a high-speed focus electrode modulator to allow operation at high PRFs, making it ideal for pulsed applications such as in ECM and radars.  A low gain TWT working with a low noise solid state preamplifier provides optimum noise performance.

Compact, lightweight and high reliability
As well as being of low weight and small size, the PTXM9754 features excellent thermal management. Its high electrical efficiency means that the minimum of cooling is required, resulting in high reliability operation over a wide temperature range. Also, by virtue of its fully encapsulated HV section, the unit will operate at high altitudes and humidity. Prime power requirement is 28 V DC. 

Helping the system designer
Integration of the TWT and power supply simplifies the system designer’s task by eliminating TWT interconnections (and the associated reliability and safety hazards). Such integration also further reduces overall system size, making installation easier.

Furthermore, the MPM is factory-adjusted to optimise TWT performance, obviating the need for user adjustments and streamlining replacement logistics and reducing replacement times in the field. 

A control interface is incorporated, allowing remote operation and status monitoring and providing diagnostic outputs for BIT purposes. The versatile PTXM series can also be configured to incorporate a number of TWT models, thus allowing the user to specify frequency and peak power parameters.