Advanced RF Technologies, Inc. (ADRF) announced its compatibility with VoltServer’s Digital Electricity offerings to provide low cost network installation and safe power distribution. Digital Electricity works in concert with ADRF’s ADXV Series distributed antenna system (DAS) for commercial and public safety service bands as well as its PSR Series public safety repeaters.

Digital Electricity enables venue owners to overcome power and network resiliency challenges, provisioning indoor and outdoor radio locations with reliable centralized backup power and centralized monitoring and control, while delivering power in the same pathway as fiber to the remote node. This yields significant savings to clients, allowing for rapid network deployment. Digital Electricity solves the problem of no power at the remote location and eliminates the need to install a new source at the remote with local battery backup, minimizing cost impact to venue owners. ADRF has already implemented Digital Electricity at multiple venues such as Thermos Company in Schaumburg, Ill., Central Park of Lisle in Lisle, Ill., and Hyatt Regency in St. Louis, Mo.

“We are working with VoltServer to offer carrier and enterprise customers flexible installation options,” said ADRF’s Product Line Manager, Sun Kim. “Customers can deploy their cost-efficient products in office towers, airports, hospitals, sports arenas, and more.”

Using the same practices as Ethernet Data cabling, Digital Electricity ensures the safe delivery of power to the remote network nodes. This data is sent via low cost copper cabling between ADRF’s headend and distributed remote locations within a building.

“VoltServer continues to expand our portfolio and offerings to various applications and radio manufacturers, such as ADRF, that further promotes the use of VoltServer Digital Electricity,” said SVP of Sales at VoltServer, Matt Giuliano. “In working with ADRF, we are offering centralized management and a means of remote powering radios with minimal infrastructure impact for their in-building customers.”