Keysight Technologies, Inc. and Qualcomm Technologies Inc. have enabled the Global Certification Forum (GCF) to activate certification of a cellular vehicle-to-everything communications (C-V2X) test plan. 

The test plan was achieved using Keysight's RF/RRM DVT & Conformance Toolset and the Qualcomm® 9150 C-V2X Platform, a standalone C-V2X modem chipset with global navigation satellite system (GNSS). Test cases focused on radio frequency (RF) and radio resource management (RRM) performance verification of devices used for vehicle-to-vehicle deployment scenarios. These test cases were validated at the GCF-hosted conformance agreement group #63 meeting in July 2020 and enabled the GCF to initiate radio certification of a C-V2X test plan based on 3GPP Release 14.

"This accomplishment is the result of a long-standing working relationship with Keysight and serves as a significant milestone toward realizing a certification program the automotive industry can rely on to commercialize reliable C-V2X products," said Prashant Dogra, vice president, engineering, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. "C-V2X is a global solution for V2X communications, and improves automotive safety, automated driving and traffic efficiency. Qualcomm's automotive wireless solutions will continue to play an important role in supporting the growth of the C-V2X ecosystem."

C-V2X radio certification is significant to an automotive industry in pursuit of commercializing products and services for connected cars and autonomous vehicles. This technology improves safety for drivers and passengers in moving vehicles, as well as pedestrians in transit. Keysight's conformance test platforms enable hardware and software providers to validate compliance of C-V2X devices to the standards set by 3GPP.

"This achievement enables a connected automotive ecosystem to confidently evolve with the latest 3GPP standards and safety requirements," said Muthu Kumaran, senior director at Keysight. "Keysight is committed to delivering first-to-market solutions that support reliability, safety, security and interoperability to the automotive industry."

Keysight's conformance test solutions cover protocol, RF and RRM tests and offer C-V2X end-to-end signaling test capabilities that include GNSS signal emulation for validating User-to-UTRAN and PC5 links. Keysight's automotive test solutions, covering power, sensors, communications, navigation, in-vehicle electronic networking and cybersecurity, support accelerated design, development, manufacturing and deployment for connected cars and autonomous vehicles.