New Literature

Product Brochure
This six-page brochure features the base-model CS2010 system, including the signal generator mainframe with 14 bit DAC and 512 MB of high speed memory, sample clock synthesizer, US Cellular output bandpass filter, "I/Q Import" and "Real Import" modulation modules, Pentium processor with 128 MB RAM, internal 18 GH hard drive, CD ROM drive, 10/100baseT Ethernet, keyboard, mouse and 17" CRT monitor.
Celerity Digital Broadband Test, Cupertino, CA (408) 873-1001.
Circle No. 200

Product Catalog
This four-page catalog features the company's new product line of high voltage, Class 2 ceramic capacitors. The catalog provides complete product specifications as well as tables and graphs containing the necessary data for ordering products.
CKE, Lucernemines, PA (724) 479-3533.
Circle No. 201

Product Designer's Guide
This 1218-page designer's guide includes 48 RFIC/MMIC product data sheets. Over 175 components including amplifiers, attenuators, dividers, mixers, modulators, switches and VCOs covering DC to 40 GHz are detailed.
Hittite Microwave Corp., Chelmsford, MA (978) 250-3343.
Circle No. 202

Communications Catalog
This 132-page full-color updated catalog offers pages of products from leading manufacturers, including many items that are new to the industry. The company stocks a range of tool kits, hand and specialty tools, cable, telephone and electrical test equipment and service aids.
Jensen, Phoenix, AZ (800) 426-1194 or (602) 453-3169.
Circle No. 203

Product Catalog
This 51-page product catalog features all of the company's high performance RF and microwave signal control products covering the frequency range from DC to 18 GHz. Many new products are featured in this full-line catalog including fixed attenuators, directional and hybrid couplers, power divider/combiners and terminations.
MECA Electronics Inc., Denville, NJ (973) 625-0661.
Circle No. 204

Company Brochure
This six-page brochure features the company's advanced solutions for microelectronic applications. Also included is information on manufacturing capabilities, solutions for customer-driven application and diversified product lines.
Micro Networks, Worcester, MA (508) 852-5400.
Circle No. 205

Product Reference Guide
This product reference guide features global development and production of advanced substrate materials. The product line includes standard, environmentally friendly and laser drillable FR-4 epoxy laminates, high speed/low loss materials, and BT, polyimide, cyanate ester and specialized RF/microwave substrate materials.
ParkNelco, Fullerton, CA (714) 879-4293.
Circle No. 206

Product Catalog
This eight-page catalog features the company's amplifiers and components used as mobile phone components, fiber optic components, infrastructure components, W-CDMA components and wideband and millimeter-wave MMICs. Product photographs, specifications and descriptions are included.
Raytheon RF Components, Andover, MA (978) 684-8628.
Circle No. 207

Product Folder
This product folder provides data sheets and information on the company's CellLAN™ tri-band transceiver chipset, RFS W5100 dual-band WLAN transceiver chipset and the WiFLEX™ family of dual-band multimode RF transceivers.
RF Solutions Inc., Norcross, GA (770) 263-2600.
Circle No. 208

Product Selection Guide
This eight-page selection guide presents key performance characteristics of the company's low noise amplifiers, power amplifiers, IF amplifiers, high power and high linearity FETs, gain blocks, multicomponent modules and CATV amplifiers.
Sirenza Microdevices Inc., Sunnyvale, CA (408) 616-5400.
Circle No. 209

Product Brochure
This eight-page brochure features the model TP04300A ThermoStream® system, designed for testing components, hybrids, modules, subassemblies and printed circuit boards at a precise temperature. The brochure provides product photographs, descriptions, user features, temperature ranges, environmental and service features, and specifications.
Temptronic Corp., Sharon, MA (781) 688-2300.
Circle No. 210

This catalog features the company's newly introduced sub-miniature line including SMA, SMB/SMC, MCX/MMCX, BMA, 2.92 mm, 1.0/2.3 connectors and cable assemblies. Providing technical drawings, product descriptions and specifications, the catalog demonstrates the company's capability to produce standard, custom design, as well as modifications to existing designs.
Tru Connector, Peabody, MA (978) 532-0775.
Circle No. 211