Times Microwave Systems’ new PhaseTrack® 047 is a phase stable, highly flexible, micro coaxial cable. Designed for DC to 70 GHz frequency ranges, this cable meets the size and performance needs of spaceflight, health care, 5G and telecom, test and measurement and many other “in-the-box" applications.

The smaller scale PT-047 is an ideal choice for dense or clustered cable configurations with high flexure requirements. It is a flexible alternative to the 047 Semi-Rigid and demonstrates superior phase stability over temperature.

This cable utilizes Times Microwave Systems’ proprietary TF4® dielectric material, eliminating the problematic non-linear phase performance of PTFE through 15 to 25ºC and need for time consuming extra recalibration steps or software-based phase corrections. Designed with the same diameter of the standard Semi-Rigid 047, it pairs perfectly with popular connector options:
• 2.92 mm
• 2.40 mm