PMI Model No. P16T-250M18G-60-T-512-SFF-DEC-1W is a single pole, sixteen throw absorptive pin diode switch (SP16T) configuration that operates from 0.25 to 18.0 GHz. Typ insertion loss of 7.0 dB and 60 dB of isolation; Switching Speed Rise/Fall - 50 ns Typ/10 ns Typ, Delay On/Off - 150 ns Max; power handling +30 dBm CW, 10 W Peak, 1 µs; VSWR In/Out:, 2.0:1 typ., 2.5:1 Max; and is controlled with 4-Bit decoded TTL logic.

 Unit size is 8.00" x 3.00" x 0.65" and contains SMA (F) Removable connectors. For more information click on