MIMO Radar: Theory and Application

Jamie Bergin and Joseph R. Guerci

MIMO Radar: Theory and Application

This comprehensive resource provides in-depth and timely coverage of the underpinnings and latest advances of MIMO radar. This book provides an introduction to MIMO radar and demonstrates its utility in real-world applications, then culminates with the latest advances in optimal and adaptive MIMO radar for enhanced detection and target ID in challenging environments. Signal processing prerequisites are explained, including radar signals, orthogonal waveforms, matched filtering, multichannel beam forming and Doppler processing. This book discusses the MIMO radar signal model, antenna properties, system modeling and waveform alternatives. MIMO implementation challenges are covered, including computational complexity, adaptive clutter mitigation, calibration and equalization and hardware constraints.

Applications for GMTI radar, OTH radar, maritime radar and automotive radar are explained. The book offers an introduction to optimum MIMO radar and includes details about detection, clutter and target ID. Insight into adaptive MIMO radar and MIMO channel estimation is presented with techniques and illustrative examples. Readers find exclusive flight-testing data from DARPA. The breadth of coverage in this all-inclusive resource makes it suitable for both practicing engineers and advanced researchers. The book concludes with discussions on areas for future research.

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ISBN: 978-1-63081-342-0
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