ZTE Corporation announced that ZTE and the Hangzhou branch of China Telecom have deployed the industry’s first 4G/5G dual-band micro base station supporting 3.5 GHz frequency band in Hangzhou, China. With the downlink rate reaching 1.1 Gbps, it can provide users with excellent 4G/5G network experiences.

Featuring 2.1 GHz LTE anchors, the latest 4G/5G dual-band 4T4R products of ZTE’s 5G Pad RRU series can realize the fast NSA network commissioning, guaranteeing the service experience of 4G/5G coverage in a 5G SA network. Moreover, it supports 3G/4G/5G multi-mode, and 200 MHz continuous ultra-large bandwidth on 3.5 GHz frequency band. 

In addition, the 4G/5G dual-band micro base station is small in size, light in weight and quick to deploy, thus effectively solving the challenge of insufficient site resources and realizing fast 5G signal coverage extension. 

The pad base station is usually installed on smart light poles, which integrate HD camera, environmental monitoring, weather sensor, screen and new-energy vehicle charging functions. Therefore, smart light poles can monitor the real-time road conditions, such as flood, to avoid potential hazards.  

Moreover, the smart light poles can be used as a site location for 5G micro base stations to solve the problem of insufficient coverage and transfer live information of smart light poles in real-time. 

Moving forward, ZTE will maintain close cooperation with China Telecom and work with industry partners to continuously explore innovative solutions and applications of 5G micro base stations.