Pixus Technologies has announced a new horizontal-mount OpenVPX chassis platform for 3U, 6U or hybrid versions. 

The first in the 1U SlimBox OpenVPX series is a three-slot version for 3U boards. A modular fixed power supply provides up to 600 W of power and one rear transition module (RTM) is supported.  A hybrid configuration option is available with 1x 6U slot and 1x 3U slot. In lieu of the fixed-mount power supply option, one of the 3U slots can be replaced with a pluggable 3U PSU slot per VITA 62. This configuration allows an RTM to be utilized.  

Various backplane speed options are supported by the Pixus 1U SlimBox. The initial design supports up to 40GbE speeds as well as PCIe Gen3. Optional card guides for conduction-cooled modules are also available. 

Pixus offers OpenVPX backplane/chassis systems in commercial, development, and MIL rugged formats. The company also provides other VITA and PICMG open standard architectures as well as specialty components.