Triad RF Systems continues to add to its THPR series of ready-to-install amplified radios. Eliminating the need to integrate standalone components to create a long-range wireless and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) radio links working in S-Band, Triad has combined high power RF subsystems with a Microhard pMDDL2450 core radio that operates from 2402 to 2482 MHz. Triad model THPR1006 is an efficiently packaged, highly reliable, dual-channel MIMO, turnkey radio system that includes bi-directional amplifiers, RF filtering and optional real-time power measurements, link diagnostics and innovative SoC-based monitoring and controls.

This integrated amplified radio system delivers maximum power output of 40 W at ~5 Mbps on its max power setting, and 10 W at ~20 Mbps on its max data rate setting. Unmanned system engineers can expect dependable RF link stability and up to 10x extra range distance as compared to the stock Microhard pMDDL2450.

These range-enhanced, high-powered radios can employ active power control to ensure that both the RF output power and SNR delivered to an antenna remains ultra-stable in the presence of fluctuations. This results in unmatched reliability, as opposed to solutions where RF output power drifts too low or high during operation causing unexpected link failures (often when a target data rate needs to be achieved) and ease of use, as this Triad amplified radio link is lightweight (~ ½ kg) and is inherently easy to integrate, deploy and maintain.