ZTE Corporation announced that ZTE, along with the Guangdong branch of China Mobile and Migu, China Mobile’s entertainment and data service subsidiary, has completed the industry’s first pre-commercial trial of 8K VR FoV (field of vision) service based on 5G MEC on the live network of China Mobile. 

By deploying vCDN on the 5G MEC platform, the pre-commercial trial has adopted advanced FoV encoding technology, video trans-coding, intelligent CDN and other edge capabilities to save more than 70 percent of bandwidth, thereby significantly improving the VR service experience and promoting the development of 5G video services.

As a world-leading provider of video solutions, ZTE has developed a complete set of 5G+8K VR solution and the ecosystem for end-to-end industry cooperation. By virtue of Migu’s experience of 5G+VR live streaming for big events and ZTE’s solution, integrated with technologies from Intel, Kandao Technology and Tiledmedia, the two parties have cooperated to provide users with an immersive viewing experience through low-latency and ultra HD VR live streaming. The cooperation between ZTE and Migu has achieved the full upgrade of VR service in terms of video capture, editing, transmission and broadcasting, thereby enabling the commercial use of 5G+8K VR services.   

In terms of video capture, the 5G+8K VR solution has integrated the industry-leading stitching algorithms and SoC system to achieve the real-time output of 8K VR live streams. As for encoding and transmission, this solution has adopted the FoV codec technology to reduce the video transmission bitrate by more than 70 percent. By means of the intelligent CDN technology, the 5G+8K VR solution can implement the backhaul and the distribution of VR videos with efficient and visually lossless performance. 

In addition, ZTE has deployed the MEC CDN with the highest throughput of 200 Gbps at the edge of the 5G network. Each server can bear more than 5,000,000 users of the 8K VR FoV services, thus laying a CDN network foundation for the large-scale commercialization of 8K VR services.   

The 5G+8K VR solution, jointly developed by ZTE, China Mobile and Migu, has achieved full upgrade of the VR services, providing users with a brand-new visual experience. As the industry’s first 8K VR application based on 5G MEC, this pre-commercial trial will strongly prompt the VR industry to the next level and promote the development of digital economy in the 5G era. 

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