Tech-X Corporation announced the latest version of its cross-platform, multiphysics simulation tool with the release of VSim 10.1.

With this latest release, VSim 10.1, which is built on the powerful Vorpal physics engine, offers several key enhancements for both design engineers and research users. CAD functionality through the graphical user interface has been improved, allowing for further customization of the simulation set-up in a user-friendly environment. For users of the plasma acceleration package, a new “Radiation Reaction” feature has been added that can be used to track photon emissions.  

“With every release we strive to incorporate features that simplify workflow, respond to emerging technology needs, and build tutorials and examples for the complex problems being studied,” said John Cary, CEO of Tech-X Corporation. “I’m thrilled to say that with this release, we have exceeded all three of those goals.”

VSim 10.1 offers several new examples to guide users as they set up the complicated simulations that VSim is adept at handling.  The most prominent new tutorial in VSim 10.1 is a phased array antenna simulation, which was added to respond to increasing consumer demand for 5G technology. By following this example, engineers can easily set up their own phased array systems and analyze near and far field results.

“As an FDTD solver that is capable of running on parallel computing systems, VSim is ideal for running electromagnetically large simulations like phased array antennas,” said the CEO. “At the same time, setting up simulations of multiple element antennas can be challenging and time consuming, so we knew we needed an example in VSim 10.1.”

VSim 10.1 is the latest product in Tech-X’s line of simulation software, which includes USim, a multi-charged-fluid simulation software package, and RSim, a user-friendly radiation modeling tool. VSim 10.1 is available for purchase now through the Tech-X website.