Anritsu and EMITE are proud to announce their latest combined solution for testing video streaming performance on IEEE 802.11ac standard. Anritsu’s Wireless Connectivity Test Set MT8862A, has been successfully integrated in combination to the EMITE E600 and I60 Reverberation Chambers to perform HTTP Adaptative Streaming (HAS) performance testing.

This new solution provides a powerful tool for video streaming service providers to test the performance of video streaming protocols in a realistic conducted or Over-The-Air environment, allowing the capability to optimize the video streaming efficiency and quality in reduced data throughput scenarios or optimizing bandwidth requirements for high quality video signals. In the forthcoming generation of mobile communications bandwidth optimization will be of uttermost importance due to the increasing demand of data and video services, this solution will help service providers to analyse in detail the data transmission quality and to analyse possible improvements in the actual streaming protocols.

Being able to test the WLAN standards and video streaming protocols keep EMITE and Anritsu in the edge of technology for helping customers and service providers deliver their on-demand services solutions to the market with total confidence in the performance.

“We are proud once again to develop a world’s first capability for HTTP Adaptative Streaming with the aid of Anritsu’s unique Wireless Connectivity Test Set MT8862A WLAN and our E600 and I60 Reverberation Chamber WLAN. We are already in contact with some of the most important companies worldwide that has shown interest on this solution for their TI efficiency saving costs in advance of any investment”, said David Sánchez, CEO of EMITE.

“This video streaming base performance test is a new challenge which can be verified the WLAN OTA performance from different angle, and will be important in the future in order to secure the brand position with high-quality WLAN product. We are also proud to release this test solution collaborated with EMITE’s leading-edge chamber products to the world-wide market.”, said Hideo Zuinen, product manager of IoT test solutions at Anritsu Corporation.