RFMW announced a micro-site for customers and suppliers supporting solid-state RF energy technology. Magnetron tubes have dominated this market but have drawbacks with regards to degradation, reliability and power control. Solid-state RF solutions can be used to replace existing magnetron-based systems. Generally, magnetron replacement systems are made up of 1 KW modules, some systems can reach 50-60 KW at their final output. Solid-state RF energy offers a number of advantages including precise power/frequency/phase and PWM control, high-speed arc detection and shutdown, stability at all power levels, no degradation of power with age, improved reliability and the use of lower voltage power supplies.
A compelling attribute for solid-state RF energy is fast frequency, phase and power-agility complemented by hyper-precision. Collectively, the technology’s attributes yield an unprecedented process control range, even energy distribution, and fast adaption to changing load conditions for applications varying from physicochemical processes to practical consumer, commercial and industrial devices.

RFMW offers components and solutions for the RF Energy bands (433, 915 MHz, 2.45 GHz and 5.8 GHz), supporting customers with RF components such as signal generators, phase shifters, splitters, combiners, power amplifiers, circulators/isolators, terminations, cables and connectors.