Editorial Index


Clarke, Roger
"A High Efficiency Bow-tie Antenna for Impulse Propagation," No. 8, p. 94.

González, V., J.M. Rodríguez, J.E. González, C. Rueda and C. Martín Pascual
"Design Methodology for High Efficiency Active Radiators," No. 9, p. 168.

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"A Combination Monopole/Quadrifilar Helix Antenna for S-band Terrestrial/Satellite Applications," No. 5, p. 330.

Tsai, Meng-Chung and Huey-Ru Chuang
"A Ka-band Planar Printed Antipodal Linearly-tapered Slot Antenna," No. 7, p. 116.

Warnagiris, Thomas J.
"A Monopole with a Twist," No. 9, p. 120.


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"0.24-µm CMOS Technology and BSIM RF Modeling for Bluetooth Power Applications," No. 2, p. 142.

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"Planar EM Simulation of Multi-chip Modules and BGA Packages," No. 11, p. 140.

Iglesias-Xamani, Marta
"Code Domain Analysis on W-CDMA User Equipment Transmitters," No. 1, p. 82.

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"An Embedded MOS Model 9 for CMOS RF Circuit Design," No. 11, p. 22.

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"Spectrum Modeling of an RF Power Amplifier for TDMA Signals," No. 4, p. 88.

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"High Speed Analysis and Optimization of Waveguide Bandpass Filter Structures Using Simple Neural Architectures," No. 6, p. 86.

Park, Hyun-Min, Kye-Ik Jeon and Songcheol Hong
"Thermal Modeling of Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors with Pulsed I-V Measurements," No. 3, p. 128.

Pelz, Dieter
"Fast Design of Cross-coupled Filter Substructures," No. 9, p. 204.

Singh, Anil Kumar and S. Christopher
"CAD of a Compact Monopulse Comparator Network Using Planar Magic Tee Junctions for Airborne Slotted Array Antennas," No. 3, p. 110.

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"An Automatic Macro Program for Radio Frequency MOSFET Characteristics Analysis," No. 10, p. 98.

Thompson II, Willie, Eric V. Miller and Carl White
"Implementation of a Neural Network HEMT Model into ADS," No. 11, p. 66.


Litt, Stuart P.
"Midsummer Thoughts on Microwave and RF Market Opportunities," No. 10, p. 68.


Aleiner, Boris and Oleksandr Zakhalyavko
"The Influence of LO Harmonics on Receiver Performance in the Modulation Schemes Used for Wireless Communications," No. 9, p. 138.

Droinet, Yvan
"Advanced RF Technologies for the Wireless Market," No. 9, p. 148.

Kim, Ihn S., Key Jeong and Jae Kwon Jeong
"Two Novel Radar Vehicle Detectors for the Replacement of a Conventional Loop Detector," No. 7, p. 22.

Neelakanta, P.S. and Jesada Sivaraks
"A Novel Method to Mitigate Microwave Oven Dictated EMI on Bluetooth Communications," No. 7, p. 70.

Reinhardt, Timo
"Application and Operation of a Double OCXO," No. 11, p. 170.


Amano, Yoshihisa, Atsushi Yamada, Eiji Suematsu and Hiroya Sato
"A Low Cost Planar Filter for 60 GHz Applications," No. 3, p. 86.

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Carchon, Geert, B. Nauwelaers, P. Pieters, K. Vaesen, W. DeRaedt and E. Beyne
"Multi-layer Thin-film MCM-D for the Integration of High Performance Wireless Front-end Systems," No. 2, p. 96.

Caverly, Robert H., Nikolai V. Drozdovski and Michael J. Quinn
"Gallium Nitride-based Microwave and RF Control Devices," No. 2, p. 112.

Fuks, Rudy
"New Dielectric Bead for Millimeter-wave Coaxial Components," No. 5, p. 318.

Jeong, Yong-Chae
"Design of a Novel Vector Modulator," No. 10, p. 156.

Johansson, T., P. Lundin, J. Engvall, D. Uggla and U. Hagström
"A High Efficiency, Low Cost Silicon Bipolar GSM Dual-band PA Module," No. 12, p. 60.

Kang, In-ho and Joo-yeon Kim
"Improved Gain for a Dynamic Envelope Tracking Amplifier in Cellular Radio Handsets," No. 8, p. 106.

Kao, Yao-Huang and Chun-Chieh Chien
"Frequency Control in a Low Voltage, Wide Tuning VCO Design at 2.4 GHz," No. 7, p. 128.

Kettner, Michael, Patrick Biebersmith, Nelson Roldan and Balram K. Sharma
"Aluminum Nitride vs. Beryllium Oxide for High Power Resistor Products," No. 11, p. 104.

Maas, Steve, J. Delacueva, J. Li and S. White
"A Low Cost, Cavity Stabilized 5.8 GHz Oscillator Realized in LTCC," No. 4, p. 130.

Moon, Y.C., J.R. Lee, S.W. Yun and I.S. Chang
"A Broadband Planar Isolator Using Coupled Microstrip Lines on a Magnetized Gyrotropic Substrate," No. 11, p. 90.

Mukherjee, Somnath, Mridul K. Pal and Ralph Inducta
"Lossy Linearizers for Reduction of Nonlinear Distortion," No. 10, p. 82.

Owen, David
"Fractional-N Synthesizers," No. 10, p. 110.

Penn, John E.
"Power Efficient MMIC Frequency Triplers," No. 6, p. 70.

Penn, John E.
"A Broadband, Four-bit, Ka-band MMIC Phase Shifter," No. 12, p. 84.

Pusl, Joe, Srikanth Sridharan, Philip Antognetti, David Helms, Anurag Nigam, James Griffiths, Kenneth Louie and Mark Doherty
"SiGe Power Amplifier ICs with SWR Protection for Handset Applications," No. 6, p. 100.

Regis, Myrianne, Hugues Lafontaine, Steve Kovacic, Gilles Cibiel and Olivier Llopis
"Design of a Low Phase Noise Ku-band Oscillator Using a SiGe HBT," No. 10, p. 136.

Shemesh, Yair
"A Simple VVA RFIC Design with a Focus on Repeatability and Stability," No. 9, p. 176.

Sun, Jwo-Shiun and Tsung-Lin Lee
"Design of a Planar Microstrip Balun at S-band," No. 8, p. 132.

Sun, Y., T. Tieman, H. Pflug and W. Velthuis
"A Fully Integrated Dual-frequency Push-push VCO for 5.2 and 5.8 GHz Wireless Applications," No. 4, p. 64.


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"Vector Network Analyzers For Measurements to 50 GHz," No. 10, p. 164.

Anritsu Company
"A Broadband Vector Network Analyzer," No. 7, p. 154.

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"The New World of Communications Design Software," No. 3, p. 156.

CST of America Inc.
"Exploring a Three-dimensional Universe," No. 8, p. 138.

Hittite Microwave Corp.
"Low Cost Plastic MMIC VCOs," No. 9, p. 220.

Kyocera America Inc.
"Multilayer LTCC Modules," No. 2, p. 182.

Mimix Broadband
"A 20 to 33 GHz GaAs MMIC Receiver," No. 12, p. 104.

"Low Cost Directional Couplers," No. 6, p. 130.

Paratek Microwave Inc.
"Electronically Tunable Thin Film Filters for Microwave Applications," No. 11, p. 188.

RF Micro Devices
"Reduced Filter Requirements Using an Ultra Low Noise Modulator," No. 1, p. 200.

Trans-Tech Inc.
"A Non-tantalum-based Ceramic Material for Low Loss Filter Applications," No. 4, p. 136.


Amoroso, Frank
"Regrowth of Data Spectral Sidelobes from AM/PM Effects and Hard Limiting," No. 10, p. 148.

Benahmed, N. and M. Feham
"Rigorous Analytical Expressions for Electromagnetic Parameters of Transmission Lines: Coupled Sliced Coaxial Cable," No. 11, p. 130.

Di Paolo, Franco
"Asymmetric Coplanar Strip Analysis Including Conductor Backing and Upper Shielding," No. 1, p. 96.

Harvey, Jim
"Linearity Requirements for MMICs for 16 Through 128 QAM ETSI Compliant Radios," No. 10, p. 22.

Hettak, Khelifa and Malcolm G. Stubbs
"The Use of Uniplanar Technology to Reduce Microwave Circuit Size," No. 5, p. 302.

Huh, Jun Won, Ik Soo Chang and Chul D. Kim
"Spectrum Monitored Adaptive Feedforward Linearization," No. 9, p. 160.

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"Finite Element Determination of the Intrinsic Small-signal Equivalent Circuit of MESFETs," No. 8, p. 84.

Kopp, Bruce A., Amy J. Billups and Mark H. Luesse
"Thermal Analysis and Considerations for Gallium Nitride Microwave Power Amplifier Packaging," No. 12, p. 72.

Lapidus, Alex D.
"Dual Mode Broadband Hybrids: Theory and Experiment," No. 11, p. 118.

Rhea, Randall W.
"Exploiting Filter Symmetry," No. 3, p. 100.

Wareberg J., D. Kennedy and S. Schmidt
"Design and Prototyping of a Transimpedance Front-end Amplifier for Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing Circuits," No. 9, p. 212.

Wu, Ke-Li and Gordon McDonald
"Coping with Hidden Spurious Harmonic Modes in the Design of Low Pass Corrugated Waveguide Filters," No. 11, p. 180.

Yang, Youngoo, Jaehyok Yi, Young Yun Woo and Bumman Kim
"Optimum Design for Linearity and Efficiency of a Microwave Doherty Amplifier Using a New Load Matching Technique," No. 12, p. 20.

Zamanian, Ali
"Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex Overview," No. 10, p. 122.

Zozaya, Alfonso J., Eduard Bertran Albert' and Jordi Berenguer-Sau
"Adaptive Feedforward Amplifier Linearizer Using Analog Circuitry," No. 7, p. 102.


Herrick, Katherine J., Linda P.B. Katehi and Robert T. Kihm
"Interconnects for a Multi-layer Three-dimensional Silicon Architecture," No. 5, p. 284.

Tkachenko, Y., Y. Zhao, C. Wei and D. Bartle
"Enhancement/Depletion Mode InGaP/AlGaAs PHEMT for High Efficiency Power Amplifiers," No. 4, p. 122.

Whelan, C.S., P.F. Marsh, W.E. Hoke, S.M. Lardizabal, R. Leoni III, K.C. Hwang and T.E. Kazior
"Metamorphic Transistor Technology for RF Applications," No. 4, p. 110.


Kleine-Ostmann, Thomas
"A New Spread-spectrum Measurement Method for Satellite Transponder In-orbit Testing," No. 8, p. 66.

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"Carrier-to-Interference Ratio Prediction of Nonlinear RF Devices," No. 2, p. 154.

Park, Seok Kyun, Ik Soo Chang, Yun Seo Choi, Jun Won Huh and Young Kim
"A Method of Measuring Large-signal S-parameters of High Power Transistors," No. 8, p. 122.

Rejman, Ernest
"Test Enables High Volume Manufacturing," No. 9, p. 104.

Walker, David K., Dylan F. Williams, Allen Padilla, Uwe Arz and Hartmut Grabinski
"A Four-port Microwave Measurement System to Speed On-wafer Calibration and Test," No. 3, p. 148.

MIC/MMIC Mueller, J.E., U. Gerlach, G.L. Madonna, M. Pfost, R. Schultheis and P. Zwicknagl
"A 3 V Small Chip Size GSM HBT Power MMIC with 56 Percent PAE," No. 4, p. 20.


Gorbachov, Oleksandr and Leonid Kasatkin
"Complex Coaxial-waveguide Transitions at Millimeter-waves," No. 7, p. 90.


Advanced Microwave Technologies Inc. ADVANTECH
"A Compact High Power SSPA for Satellite Communication Applications," No. 9, p. 228.

Agilent Technologies
"A Compact Capacitance Meter for High Speed Production Test," No. 5, p. 368.

Agilent Technologies Inc.
"Network Analyzer Software for Simplified Bandpass Filter Tuning," No. 9, p. 248.

Amplifier Research
"Wireless Telecommunications Testing with S-series Microwave Power Amplifiers," No. 7, p. 172.

Analog Devices Inc.
"A 2.7 GHz RF/IF Gain and Phase Detector," No. 3, p. 184.

APLAC Solutions Inc.
"Using APLAC to Simulate an RFIC Mixer," No. 7, p. 162.

Applied Wave Research Inc. (AWR)
"Integrating System and Circuit Simulation Capabilities," No. 8, p. 146.

CMC Wireless Components
"An Aluminum Nitride High Power Dissipation RF Packaging Platform," No. 10, p. 172.

DuPont Microcircuit Materials
"Characterization of Low Loss LTCC Materials at 40 GHz," No. 2, p. 186.

DuPont Microcircuit Materials
"Cost-effective Solutions for High Density Interconnect and RF Modules Using Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic Materials," No. 4, p. 140.

"A Wideband Multichannel Simulator," No. 12, p. 110.

G.T. Microwave Inc.
"Phase Invariant Attenuators," No. 11, p. 202.

HEI Inc.
"A DC to 50 GHz and Beyond MMIC Carrier," No. 9, p. 236.

HVS Technologies Inc.
"Low Cost Antenna Measurement Systems," No. 3, p. 164.

IFR Systems Inc.
"A Lightweight, Low Cost Spectrum Analyzer for Mobile Communications Applications," No. 1, p. 224.

IFR Systems Inc.
"A 10 MHz to 46 GHz Microwave Spectrum Analyzer for Testing Wireless Backbone Links," No. 4, p. 152.

Kyocera America Inc.
"A DC to Ka-band Low Cost Surface Mountable RF-VIA(tm) Package," No. 1, p. 216.

Melexis GmbH
"A Multi-functional 300 to 930 MHz RF Transceiver IC," No. 11, 206.

Merrimac Industries
"Compact Vector Modulators for Multicarrier Basestation Amplifiers," No. 11, p. 198.

Milmega Ltd.
"Broadband Solid-state Class A Power Amplifiers for 1 to 11 GHz Applications," No. 5, p. 354.

Mimix Broadband
"A 17 to 27 GHz GaAs MMIC Gain Block Amplifier from Multiple Sources," No. 8, p. 158.

Oleson Microwave Labs (OML)
"220 to 325 GHz Vector Network Analysis," No. 9, p. 240.

Palomar Technologies
"An Automated Assembly Tool for Precision, High Speed RF Die-attach Applications," No. 5, p. 360.

"Low Phase Noise Voltage Tunable Oscillators," No. 6, p. 152.

Paratek Microwave Inc.
"Low Cost Electronically Scanning Antennas for Wireless Communications Applications," No. 1, p. 230.

Philips Semiconductor
"A Linear LDMOS Amplifier for 3GPP Applications," No. 3, p. 178.

Philips Semiconductors
"A Linear LDMOS Amplifier for EDGE GSM Applications," No. 5, p. 348.

"Snap-on SMA Connectors," No. 2, p. 198.

Raytheon RF Components
"Chipsets for Microwave and Millimeter-wave Point-to-point Radios," No. 6, p. 136.

Remcom Inc.
"A New Approach to Wireless Propagation Prediction," No. 3, p. 172.

Sawtek Inc.
"A Breakthrough SAW Duplexer for Cellular Applications," No. 2, p. 202.

Sawtek Inc.
"Miniature, High Performance GPS RF SAW Filters," No. 6, p. 156.

SSI Cable Corp.
"Stainless Steel Medium Loss Coaxial Cable," No. 12, p. 120.

Stealth Microwave
"High Linearity SSPAs for 2.3 to 2.7 GHz Applications," No. 4, p. 156.

"A MMIC Power Amplifier Package for OC-192 Applications," No. 5, p. 364.

"An Impedance-controlled, High Precision Wafer Probe Tip for Applications Up to 40 GHz," No. 10, p. 180.

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"An Ultra-linear 3G Power Amplifier," No. 10, p. 186.

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"Ultraminiature VCOs for Wireless Applications," No. 2, p. 192.


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"The Development of DBS Imaging Based on Airborne Pulse Doppler Radar in China," No. 2, p. 78.


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