Harbour Industries has been approved to manufacture low loss coaxial and high speed data cables for the F-35 Lightning II fighter, built by Lockheed Martin.

Harbour's coax and data cables use a composite fluoropolymer insulation that reduces weight while ensuring the performance will meet Lockheed's demanding physical and electrical requirements. Harbour, a Marmon | Berkshire Hathaway company, has both product and process engineering expertise to provide the highest quality cables for the F-35.

Robert Canny, president of Harbour Industries, said Harbour’s cables will support the 2020 F-35 Sustainment Contract released by the Pentagon and Lockheed Martin.

“Harbour has a long reputation of providing timely products to our business partners to support their ramp to full production.”

Declared combat ready by the commander of the U.S. Air Combat Command, the F-35 fifth-generation fighter provides air superiority, interdiction, suppression of enemy air defenses and close air support with increased situational awareness of the battle space compared to any single-seat platform.