Choosing the right RF instrumentation to measure antennas, radomes or electromagnetic fields is critical for any testing program. Until now, there has not been an instrument available on the market addressing the RF performance characteristics most desirable for all these needs.

The Vector Field Analyzer™(VFA) incorporates the latest technology and combines the best RF performance, fastest measurement speed, and most advanced features available in the industry to create the foundation of a state-of-the-art measurement system. This simultaneous multi-channel precision measurement receiver adds powerful new capabilities to include: measuring polarization characteristics, correlating measurements with positions in space, supporting “on-the-fly” measurements, controlling RF switches and multiplexers in real-time.



  • Industry leading performance with up to 16 million measurements per second
  • Enhanced dynamic range and -126 dBm sensitivity ▪ Frequency coverage from 10 MHz to 1 THz
  • Expandable number of simultaneous measurement channels, 2 or 4 per unit
  • Built-in LO/IF distribution components to support remote mixing
  • Internal Local Oscillator signal source
  • Supports multi-port switching, synchronization and pulse mode options

The Vector Field Analyzer™ is now available from NSI-MI Technologies. For more information, visit: