Visit Rohde & Schwarz at CES 2020, where they will demonstrate the latest test and measurement solutions for Automotive Radar, C-V2X and material testing. The following demo’s will be on-site, along with many of their application experts and staff available to discuss your specific test needs.

Over-The-Air (OTA) validation and characterization of Uhnder’s brand new 4-D Radar Chip

With a fully shielded test chamber R&S®ATS1500C and the target generator R&S®AREG100A, Rohde & Schwarz enables complete validation and calibration of automotive radar modules. The CATR System has a remarkably compact size and still allows measurements in far-field conditions even for premium MIMO sensors. It is carefully designed to eliminate ghost targets within the chamber during target simulation tests and provides a highly accurate positioner for angular measurements.

Rohde & Schwarz will be testing Uhnder’s groundbreaking 4D Radar chip.

Austin, Tx based company Uhnder is bringing to market an innovative radar-on-chip, with its 192 virtual channels and pioneering high contrast resolution (HCR), to redefine the key radar technology for safer driving and pave the way towards driverless cars of the future. This chip technology has been rewarded with one of the prestigious CES 2020 innovation awards.

Radar Test solutions for development and validation

Featuring a variety of Rohde & Schwarz instruments, including Spectrum Analyzer with a frequency range of up to 90 GHz, performance Signal Generator and performance Oscilloscopes we will demonstrate setups and measurements for all of your Radar development tasks including: 

  • Simulation of an ideal clock with the R&S®SMA100B
  • Analyzis of FMCW signals with the R&S®FSW
  • Testing MIMO radar systems with the R&S®RTP
  • Developing interference scenarios with the R&S®SMW and pulse sequencer option
  • and more

Radome Testing - Ensuring the quality of radomes and bumpers

Automotive radars are usually mounted behind bumpers or radomes. When selecting the materials, care must be taken to ensure good signal penetrability in the desired frequency band. The use of lower quality radomes can impair signals to such an extent that angular errors, distortions and strong signal attenuation occur.

Rohde & Schwarz will showcase the R&S®QAR that offers an ideal way to quickly and reliably filter out lower quality bumpers and radomes in production. It furthermore features the possibility of producing spatially resolved mmWave images of the reflectivity and transmittivity of the radome material to detect inhomogeneities within the material. 

Analyzing, simulating and testing C-V2X communication applications

Rohde & Schwarz, together with their partner Vector, will demonstrate a complete C-V2X Application Layer Tester. The combined solution covers all layers. The 3GPP Radio Access Layers for C-V2X Mode 4, the region specific ITS protocol layers (EU ITS-G5, U.S. WAVE, Chinese-ITS) and the ITS application message sets.

Rohde & Schwarz will demonstrate how to easily test C-V2X traffic scenarios in a lab environment using an easy to use graphical scenario editor. All tests are 100 percent reproducible.