RFMW announces design and sales support for a high reliability oven controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) from Microsemi. Packaged in one of the smallest form factors available, the OX-601 series oscillators offer a fast warm up time of three minutes to reach +/- 50 ppb of the final frequency. Operating temperature range is -40 to 95 degrees Celsius, making the device suitable for 4G and 5G implementations.

 Frequencies are available between 10 and 40 MHz with standard frequencies of 10, 12.8, 20, 24.576, 25 and 30.72 MHz. For example, the OX-6011-EAE-1080-20M0000000 provides a 20 MHz output frequency with +/- 10 ppb stability with a HCMOS output operating on a 3.3 V supply. Package size is 9.6 x 7.4 x 4.1 mm.

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