Custom MMIC is proud to introduce two new Ka-band amplifier MMICs to its growing portfolio of higher frequency packaged products. Both the CMD242K4 (Distributed Amplifier) and CMD299K4 (Low Noise Amplifier) operate up to 40 GHz while being packaged in a small 4x4 mm air-cavity QFN plastic package designed for surface mount applications. This new "K" series designation signifies a new high frequency plastic package being utilized by Custom MMIC for 20 GHz and above products demanded by aerospace, defense and instrumentation customers.

 "We are constantly listening and responding to customer's needs and have had numerous requests to package more of our high frequency die products. After a comprehensive internal technical review and rigorous testing, we have selected a high frequency compatible plastic QFN package, useful to 45 GHz with negligible performance degradation. The CMD242K4 and CMD299K4 are the first of many high frequency products to be packaged over the next several months," said Paul Blount, CEO and President of Custom MMIC.

 CMD242K4   (Distributed Amplifier)   DC-40   4x4 mm QFN Air-cavity

 CMD299K4   (Low Noise Amplifier)   18-40   4x4 mm QFN Air-cavity

 The introduction of these two new products reaffirms Custom MMICs commitment to delivering our valued customers with the best performing MMIC devices in the industry.

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