Web Update

RF Coaxial Connectors

This Web site offers pricing and delivery for over 2800 RF coaxial connectors, including connectors in stock throughout the company's nationwide distributor network. The site also features downloadable catalog information and a "virtual tour" of the company's newly expanded facilities.

Applied Engineering Products (AEP),
104 J.W. Murphy Dr., New Haven, CT 06513
www. aepconnectors.com

Custom Designed Products for Microwave/ Millimeter-wave Applications

This Web site has been updated to include contacts for the company's sales representatives, generic product block diagrams, a description of its product lines operating in Southeast Asia and an employee activity page.

Arcom Wireless Inc.,
8B Industrial Way, Salem, NH 03079

Filter-based Products

This redesigned Web site presents a wide range of filter-based products for the wireless communications industry. Visit this site for custom, application-specific designs or standard product solutions to address individual needs.

ClearComm Technologies LLC,
600 Beam St., Salisbury, MD 21801
www. clearcommtech.com

High Performance Electronic Instruments

This Web site includes an overview of the company while providing details and photos of its high performance products such as receivers, tuners, demodulators and controllers. User-friendly hyperlinks allow visitors to contact departments, make requests for company literature and apply for employment opportunities.

Communication Solutions,
10552 Philadelphia Rd., White Marsh, MD 21162

Software Tools

This Web site supports and markets the company's software tools for the simulation of electromagnetic fields in the time domain. CST Microwave Studio,ª CST Design Studioª and MAFIA 4 have benefited from over 20 years experience in the area of numerical field calculation, and have established the company as a leader of CAE software houses.

CST of America Inc.,
8 Grove St., Suite 203, Wellesley, MA 02482

Photolithography for RF

This Web site provides information on how the company's Metrigraphics Division applies electroforming, photolithography and thin-film deposition for the production of custom micro-electronic and micro-mechanical high precision components such as delay lines, bandpass filters, inductors and coils.

Dynamics Research Corp.,
60 Frontage Road, Andover, MA 01810


This site provides information on 88 models of microwave, image-reject and waveguide mixers, as well as frequency doublers and multipliers, with frequency coverage from DC to 40 GHz. A data sheet for each model can be downloaded, as well as outline drawings and application notes describing recommended installation procedures.

Marki Microwave Inc.,
215 Vineyard Court, Morgan Hill, CA 95037
www. MarkiMicrowave.com

Semiconductor Devices

This site offers several new commercial products including: abrupt and hyperabrupt tuning varactors, surface-mount pin diodes, high frequency mixer/detectors and ceramic MELFs. The site also offers a completely redesigned user interface that allows visitors to dynamically sort through all products and package types.

MicroMetrics Inc.,
136 Harvey Rd., Building C, Londonderry, NH

Vector Attenuator Phase Shifters

This Web site describes the company's vector attenuator phase shifters for feedforward amplifiers and RF predistorters used in PCS basestations. The site also describes the company's capabilities in thick-film substrates and hybrid microcircuits, as well as the government's National Stock Number products and converter integration information.

Micro-Precision Technologies Inc. (MPT),
12-B Manor Parkway, Salem, NH 03087

Waveguide Assemblies and Passive Microwave Components

This redesigned Web site features a new layout with ease of navigation throughout and an enhanced online product catalog. The site also adds a new and extended level of service and customer support.

Microtech Inc.,
1425 Highland Ave., Cheshire, CT 06410
www. microtech-inc.com

RF/Microwave Components and Subsystems

This new Web site outlines the company's overall design and manufacturing capabilities of RF/microwave components and subsystems. It also contains product information that includes amplifiers, upconverters, switches, mixers and attenuators. Other features include new products, company news and events, technical articles and links to upcoming events.

Microwave Concepts Inc.,
20 Just Rd., Fairfield, NJ 07004

Controlled Expansion Alloys

This redesigned Web site features the company's patented range of controlled expansion, high thermal conductivity, high specific stiffness and lightweight Si/Al alloys. The site now includes detailed data on material properties, design guidelines, machining parameters, plating instructions, frequently asked questions and stocks of CE7, 9, 11, 13 and 17 alloys.

Osprey Metals Ltd.,
Red Jacket Woods, Millands Road, Neath, SA11 1NJ UK
www. ospreymetals.co.uk

Automated Assembly Solutions

This site offers information on automated assembly equipment for the production of optoelectronic and high frequency wireless components to improve yield, shorten assembly times and increase profits. The site also contains technology articles and application information.

Palomar Technologies,
2230 Oak Ridge Way, Vista, CA 92083
www.palomar technologies.com

Agile Precision Frequency Sources

This Web site provides complete technical specifications for the company's PTS frequency synthesizer line. With easy, fast ms switching, remote programming and resolution ranges from megahertzs to microhertzs the synthesizers are vital in advanced measurement or production systems and also serve as stand-alone test equipment.

Programmed Test Sources Inc. (PTS),
9 Beaver Brook Rd., Littleton, MA 01460
www.programmed test.com

Electronic Components

This site features the company's catalog on the Web and now offers electronic commerce capabilities. Users can navigate through the extensive product offerings of more than 130,000 items and place an order 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The site offers users the ability to search by part number, key product characteristics, manufacturer or keyword to quickly find the appropriate item.

Richardson Electronics,
40W267 Keslinger Rd., LaFox, IL 60147

Phase Shifters

This new Web site is an easy reference tool for designers looking to adjust clocks and data phase in optical networks, compensate component errors in system architectures or tune final phase in radar systems. The site also features a case study and a 16-page catalog.

Sage Laboratories Inc.,
11 Huron Drive, Natick, MA 01760

Chip Resistors, Surface-mount Networks and Custom Circuits

This site features the company's broad range of high reliability thin- and thick-film chip resistors, surface-mount networks and custom circuits. All products are manufactured in the company's Pennsylvania facility and adhere to the highest standards of quality.

State of the Art Inc.,
2470 Fox Hill Rd., State College, PA 16803

Interconnect Solutions Through 50 GHz

This all new, dynamically driven Web site includes a Cable Finder feature that guides users to the cable that best fits their requirements, providing a part number, performance data and an insertion loss calculator (for flexible assemblies). Also included are a careers section, news and more.

Storm Products-Microwave,
116 Shore Drive, Hinsdale, IL 60521
www. stormproducts.com

Packaging for High Speed Wireless and Optoelectronic Devices

This site provides complete product and technical information, drawings, charts and application notes for all high speed semiconductor packages and ceramic filters. The packages ensure excellent electrical and thermal performance for microwave and millimeter-wave devices.

4393 Viewridge Ave., San Diego, CA 02123

Low Loss Coaxial Cables

This is a Spanish language Web site designed for the company's LMR low loss coaxial cable product line. The site contains many valuable resources including a company profile, the entire LMR catalog in .pdf format, pictorial installation instruction, article reprints and contact information.

Times Microwave Systems,
358 Hall Ave., Wallingford, CT 06492
www.timesmicrowave. com/espanol

Connectors and Cable Assemblies

This new Web site offers telecom, wireless, semiconductor and military designers a wide variety of standard and custom connectors and cable assemblies to choose from. In addition to a completely redesigned user interface, visitors can use the company's "Build Your Own Connector" tool that takes them through a step-by-step specing process and allows for submittal directly to the technical sales team for price and delivery.

Tru-Connector Corp.,
245 Lynnfield St., Peabody, MA 01960