Cinch Connectivity Solutions, a Bel group company, announces the availability of its Fibreco® S-LiteTM Connector series.

The Fibreco S-Lite™ Expanded Beam connector is designed as a cost effective, high performance and reliable expanded beam solution for use in rugged and harsh environment applications, including outside broadcast, renewable energy and various military applications. Much like the Fibreco J-Lite™ which is based on the Fibreco Junior, the S-Lite design is based on the Fibreco Senior expanded beam connector.

The S-Lite is available in two to eight optical channels and offers an optional hybrid version, incorporating electrical and optical into one connector. The connector features fully sealed hermaphroditic construction and is field terminable and repairable just like the entire Fibreco product series. As with the Fibreco Senior connector, the S-Lite is based on the M83526 expanded beam connector specification.