Akash Systems is on a mission to create efficient and affordable power amplifiers (PA) and radios for satellites using pioneering materials technology. Since raising seed funding in 2017, Akash has developed GaN on Diamond PAs and radios, offering two radios for high data rate small satellites. The first-generation of CubeSat radios, planned to complete in 2019, will integrate with existing ground station and satellite infrastructure and promise the highest data rates on the market. The X-Band radio will transmit and receive up to 400 Mbps, and the Ka-Band version will exceed 1 Gbps.

The performance of Akash’s radio technology is achieved through its proprietary GaN on Diamond technology, based on a 2003 invention lifting GaN epitaxy from its original growth substrate, silicon, and transferring it to a synthetic chemical vapor deposition diamond substrate. The thermal advantage of synthetic diamond technology keeps the amplifier operating at a cool temperature, increasing the satellite’s energy efficiency.

The worldwide demand for data is greater than the bandwidth and power capabilities of today’s communications infrastructure. Akash seeks to use its innovative materials and satellite technologies to meet this demand, helping deliver new services to the market - 1 Tbps downlink data rates, HD video, high resolution multi-spectral imaging, powerful radars and “burst” communications for mobile, enterprise and campus environments. Akash’s customer base of small satellite manufacturers and owners can integrate the CubeSat radio into their satellites, from 3U CubeSats to microsatellites. The primary CubeSat radio users will likely be Earth observation satellites.

Akash’s products share a common goal: expanding broadband communications access around the planet by reducing satellite manufacturing and launch costs through smaller, faster, cheaper and more energy efficient satellites.

Akash Systems Inc.
San Francisco, Calif.