Qualcomm Inc. announced it has joined the Open Security & Safety Alliance, a collaborative organization that represents leading companies in the security, safety, building automation solutions and associated industries. The goal of the Alliance is to outline specifications for a common standardized platform and to help drive the adoption, guidance and promotion of best practices for new standards and specifications. The aim is to fuel innovation and to develop differentiating security and safety use cases, including those utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning within on-device edge computing devices like Smart IP Cameras.  

“Qualcomm Technologies invents and delivers the AI/machine learning, edge computing, 5G connectivity and security technologies that are helping to accelerate the transformation of the fast-growing surveillance camera industry toward the digital era,” said Jeffery Torrance, vice president, business development, Qualcomm Technologies Inc. “We are pleased to join the Open Security & Safety Alliance and support its objective of facilitating innovation through standards and specifications for common components while still allowing for value-added differentiation in next-generation smart surveillance cameras.”