EMITE has released its IEEE 802.11ax (WiFi6) over-the-air OTA test capability on its WLAN OTA test systems for both Access Points and wireless STAtions. Downlink OTA PHY Throughputs above 1 Gbps have been achieved for handheld devices with the WiFi6 test feature currently in use at some customers. WiFi6 is delivering unheard-off throughput values for WLAN stations embedded into smartphones, representing a breakthrough in current state-of-the‐ art.

“This is the first time worldwide that a WiFi6 OTA E2E test is reported for a handheld device, and represents a giant leap forward for our WLAN OTA Test System, already used by leading carriers and OEMs in the market. WiFi6 is delivering what was expected, and soon the market will receive the +1 Gbps ax device variety long‐waited for,” said Prof. David A. Sanchez‐Hernandez, CEO of EMITE.