Southwest Microwave has developed the industry’s first 1 mm, board-mounted, vertical launch connector, achieving low insertion loss and VSWR to 110 GHz. The maximum insertion loss of the 24359-001J connector is 0.6 dB, with VSWR better than 1.18:1 to 50 GHz and no greater than 1.25:1 across the complete 110 GHz bandwidth. The data shown in the graphic represents the measured insertion loss and VSWR of two 1 mm connectors mounted on a 5 mil thick test board fabricated with Rogers RO3003 material, connected with a thru transmission line.

The 24359-001J female connector is mode free with a stable phase response and leakage better than −100 dB through 110 GHz. The operating temperature range is −55°C to +165°C.

Providing excellent signal integrity for microstrip and grounded coplanar waveguide designs, all of Southwest Microwave’s vertical launch connectors are reusable and can be installed without soldering. Southwest Microwave also offers board-mounted vertical launch connectors in 1.85 and 2.92 mm configurations, covering DC to 67 and DC to 40 GHz, respectively. These connectors feature a common two-hole flange mounting footprint, with the flange mounting holes tapped for screws to be inserted from the bottom of the PCB. The connectors can be supplied with screws sized for various board thicknesses.

Board designers are always motivated to reduce the footprint of connectors; however, the design of a right-angle launch with good performance to 110 GHz is quite challenging. The success of the 24359-001J design reflects the long experience of the Microwave Product Division of Southwest Microwave, established in 1987.

Southwest Microwave
Tempe, Ariz.