Remcom announces geometry caching and other processing optimizations in Wireless InSite® 3D Wireless Prediction Software. Wireless InSite’s X3D Propagation Model automatically caches processed geometry for later use, dramatically reducing run times for all subsequent simulations.

Wireless InSite will determine when a project's geometry has not changed and will reuse the initial cached file for future X3D runs, eliminating the need to repeat the processing step. Geometry caching is particularly beneficial for applications requiring repeated simulations within the same scene, such as with 5G small cell investigations, or when returning to a project that was run at an earlier time.

In addition to caching, new optimizations enable very large, complex scenes to be processed in a fraction of the time compared to previous releases. When running in GPU mode, these optimizations enable up to an 80 percent reduction in geometry processing times for urban and rural scenes and scenarios with large numbers of facets.