Responding to the surge in demand for high performance, customizable, drive-away satellite terminals for commercial, broadcast and corporate applications, Norsat developed the WAYFARER™ series to provide reliable, easy to deploy mobile communications. The series includes two ultra-portable commercial fly-away satellite terminals, an easy to deploy commercial drive-away antenna system and a commercial fixed terminal solution.

The 1.8 m drive-away is one of the most popular products. Solid and low weight, it deploys easily, enabling fast and reliable satellite acquisition and tracking. Norsat developed the drive-away product with a customer-focused approach, responding to the market’s need for flexibility, auto-acquisition and quality reflectors. Whether mounted on an emergency mobile command center or a broadcast van, users can count on this drive-away for broadband communications capability. The terminal is ideal for mobile offices, satellite news gathering, broadcasting and government applications, such as first responders and emergency mobile headquarters.

The WAYFARER commercial drive-away antenna is flexible and equipped with an easy, one-button auto-acquire feature, getting the satellite terminal up and running in under four minutes. The rugged 1.8 m composite reflector with a low height vehicle room mount (38 cm stowed) supports DVB-S1 and DVB-S2 and is available with Ku-Band block up-converter (BUC) options of 4, 8 or 16 W.This commercial platform is an easily deployable mobile solution for SATCOM and backhaul in challenging locations and environments. The drive-away terminal is designed to offer unparalleled communications-on-the-pause (COTP) performance, ensuring high quality transmission of vital data, no matter the conditions. A complete satellite solution, the WAYFARER 1.8 m drive-away includes everything needed for mobile communications.

Norsat International
Richmond, British Columbia