Wireless InSite® is a suite of RF propagation models, providing 3D ray-tracing, fast ray-based methods, and empirical models for the analysis of site-specific radio wave propagation and wireless communication systems. Through its combined modeling, simulation, and post-processing capabilities, it provides efficient and accurate predictions of EM propagation and communication channel characteristics in complex urban, indoor, rural and mixed path environments.

Wireless InSite provides RF engineers with the tools to design wireless links, optimize antenna coverage, and assess key channel and signal characteristics for RF and millimeter wave frequency bands.


  • Outdoor mmWave Planning
  • Indoor mmWave Analysis
  • Beamforming Simulations
  • MIMO and Array Design for 5G


  • X3D Propagation Model 
  • Antenna Modeling 
  • MIMO Beamforming & Spatial Multiplexing
  • Communication Systems Analysis 
  • Materials 
  • Engineered Electromagnetic Surfaces (EES) 
  • Diffuse Scattering 
  • Feature Import 
  • Geometry Caching 
  • Fast Ray-Based Methods 
  • Empirical Propagation Models 
  • Outputs 


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