Richardson RFPD announced the availability and full design support for a new tunable bandpass filter, covering 174 to 512 MHz, from NewEdge Signal Solutions.

The SAX270 electronically-tunable bandpass filter was designed for the extended UHF band in tactical communications applications. NewEdge used what the company describes as “a breakthrough approach” to achieve the filter’s extremely small size with over-molded plastic packaging.

The combination of size and RF performance with low DC power consumption makes this filter well suited for high performance embedded applications where board size is constrained, such as handheld and manpack radios or embedded radios in drones and other airborne platforms.

Key Features of the SAX270

  • Tuning range: 174 to 512 MHz.
  • Tuning step size: 3 MHz.
  • Bandpass bandwidth: 5 percent typical.
  • Insertion loss: 4.3 dB typical.
  • Noise figure: < 0.5 dB above the insertion loss.
  • Power handling: +27 dBm at 1 dB compression.
  • DC power consumption: < 100 mW typical.
  • Package size: 0.5 in. x 0.45 in. x 0.175 in.

An evaluation board (SAX270_EVB) is available.