RFMW Ltd. announces design and sales support for a broad bandwidth, low-noise amplifier from Microsemi. With seven amplification stages, the MMA036AA Traveling Wave Amplifier offers 11 dBm P1dB (14.5 dBm pSat) for applications to 50 GHz. Gain flatness over this bandwidth is 10.5 dB +/- 1.25 dB, ideal for Test & Measurement equipment, EW & Radar equipment, Microwave Signal Sources / Synthesizers, Fiber Optic Modules and other wideband microwave signal chains.

Noise figure measures only 5 dB. The MMA036AA integrates a temperature-referenced power detector for power monitoring. Drawing 85 mA from a 4.5V source, this TWA is offered on 100% DC, RF and visually tested die measuring 64.6 x 36.2 mils. Usable bandwidth extends as low as 40 MHz and up to 65 GHz.