For more than 50 years we've been a trusted supplier of precise optical components for motion control, analytical instrumentation, test and other optics markets — all designed and manufactured to impossibly high standards of precision and reliability.

We design and fabricate ultra-small, micron-scale optical components that include: Rotary discs and linear encoder scales, Test targets, for testing, and Reticles.

Rotary discs and encoder scales exhibit the highest degree of edge definition with line-width tolerances of one to two microns. Disc positional accuracies of a few arc seconds and scale accuracies of up to one micron in 12 mm are possible in scales with lengths of up to two meters. To verify disc accuracy and confirm light transmission variation, we offer DC electrical testing and harmonic testing.

To fabricate optical reticles with optimum accuracy, repeatability and precision, we combine our core technologies of photolithography, thin-film coating and electroforming. Materials include glass, quartz, metal and flexible polyimides.

We fabricate a variety of standard 1951 USAF and custom test-target designs using our advanced optical coating process — including standard and high-resolution designs for testing optics, instrumentation and processes. Our extremely durable patterns are typically created with thin-film chrome, although we’re also skilled with a number of other materials, available upon special request, such as gold, copper and nickel. We can apply targets to nearly any material, including soda-lime glass, ceramics, quartz, silicon wafers, polyimides and plastics.

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