One-Micron Resolution Photolithography ServiceMetrigraphics today announced it is now routinely achieving one-micron resolution in their photolithography service. Metrigraphics can provide these services to customers looking to fabricate ultra-miniature rigid and flexible circuits, ultra-miniature electroformed structures, and high-precision optical devices such as rotary discs, encoders and reticles.

Metrigraphics employs photolithography to fashion patterns at extremely fine resolutions on substrates that range in size from the very tiny to the very large, using a broad range of liquid- and dry-film photo-resists.

Image resolutions of one to two microns are achieved on substrates up to 12" x 12" (144 square inches) as well as linear patterns up to 85". The services are available to customers whose needs range from prototyping to high-volume production.

Metrigraphics’ photolithography equipment includes:

A Suss MA6 Aligner, which can achieve precision images with resolution down to one to two microns under class 100 conditions. The Aligner accepts a mask up to 7" and a substrate to 7"

Several 12"-diameter UV light sources, capable of handling substrates between 6" and 12", in class 1000 clean rooms

A highly collimated, traveling UV light source for creating long linear patterns, including the replication of patterns up to 85" long

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