The Boulder Imaging ML Series metrology system measures and records single or multiple high-precision, two-dimensional parts in seconds, dramatically reducing inspection time.

As a full-service, high-power laser company for precision laser cutting, drilling, scribing, marking and welding, Laser Services realized that their manufacturing productivity had outpaced inspection.  Fulfilling customer orders with 100 percent inspection reports in the least time possible was a critical opportunity to pursue.

“Incorporating the Boulder Imaging ML12 has dramatically increased the up time of our machine production, which has resulted in comprehensive operational improvements,” said Greg Sexton, President and CEO of Laser Services. “Our quality and customer assurance is transformed when larger parts that previously required up to an hour to inspect now take mere seconds.” He added, ”We are also saving significant time with our First Article Inspection (FAI) Reports. Previously, FAI Reports were very labor intensive for our Quality Control Managers and caused significant downtime for the machine while parts were measured. With the ML12, we are now able to complete our First Article Inspection (FAI) Reports in real time.”

The Boulder Imaging and Laser Services collaboration on the ML12 began in December 2012 with a prototype ready for testing by April 2013.  Since the final product delivery in June, the ML Series has undergone a software update allowing for simultaneous measurement and inspection of multiple parts.

“We couldn't be happier with the results thus far,” said Sexton.  “By utilizing the newest metrology technology on the market, Laser Services continues to increase production time and ensure accuracy and ultimately, our customers reap the benefits.”