MCV Microwave

5G and Satellite Spectrum, Standards and Scale

Geoff Varrall

This book provides a refreshing analysis of the many factors that will affect the success of 5G. I would highly recommend this book to all levels of professionals involved in the development of 5G from engineers through to CEOs.”

- Moray Rumney,
Keysight Technologies

This resource provides key insight into future 5G radio systems and the technical and economic impact on industries, communities and end-users. The book offers a comprehensive understanding of the options available for teams tasked with bringing 5G products and services to market or developing supporting standards and regulatory frameworks.

Readers find contemporary examples of millimeter band radio hardware including 60 GHz and V- and E-Band point-to-point radio. This book demonstrates the profound progress with 4G radio signal processing and RF hardware to reveal its potential applicability to 5G radio systems. It shows how 5G systems are capable of delivering data rates that are 10 to 100× faster than 4G systems. Developments in spatial processing and beamforming in local area radio networks are presented and the challenge of scaling these systems to wide area radio is explored. This book reviews military and space radio and automotive radar innovation with direct relevance to 5G radio design.

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ISBN: 9781630815028
310 pages

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