Radiall is expanding its family of 50 GHz coaxial switches with new terminated SP4T and SP6T models where the unconnected ports are automatically terminated with 50 Ω loads. All of the RF paths in each switch have the same electrical length, and all ports use 2.4 mm female connectors.

These new switches offer excellent performance: At 50 GHz, the maximum insertion loss is 1.2 dB, with at least 50 dB isolation between any two ports and 3 W average incident power handling at room temperature. VSWR at any port does not exceed 2.2:1. At 20 GHz, the insertion loss is 0.7 dB maximum, with ≥ 55 dB isolation and 1.7:1 VSWR maximum. The switches require a nominal 28 V bias voltage, and switching is actuated by either a TTL or BCD signal, with a nominal switching time of 15 ms.

Radiall’s 2.4 mm electromechanical switches use Radiall’s Modular System for Electromechanical Switches (RAMSES). This patented mechanical and electrical design approach improves the consistency of contact resistance and extends the lifetime of Radiall switches. Switch life span is rated at two million cycles over the operating temperature range of −25ºC to +70ºC.

These two new terminated switches complement Radiall’s previously released un-terminated SP4T and SP6T designs. All of the 50 GHz models are well-suited for 5G test systems operating in the 24, 28 and 39 GHz bands, as well as the 28 GHz military and commercial satellite bands.

Tempe, Ariz.