Anokiwave Inc. announced David W. Corman, Anokiwave chief systems architect, will present at the International Wireless Industry ConsortiumTM (IWPC) Interactive Workshop entitled “5G Trial Results and Deployment–Lessons Learned” to be held October 15-16, 2018 in Austin, Texas. His presentation will be included in the Vendor Perspectives session on Tuesday afternoon, October 16. 

In the interactive workshop that enables IWPC members to assess learnings from global trials and deployments of 5G New Radio and mmWave and to explore new use-case opportunities, challenges and issues going forward, Corman will discuss how active antenna cost reductions combined with the ability to optimize and monitor performance in the field will enable the rapid deployment of 5G networks during his presentation entitled “mmWave Active Antenna Industrialization: Enabling the Future for 5G Systems”.

“Beamforming in active antennas is not new technology and has been around for decades,” states Shmuel Ravid, Anokiwave chief engineer. “The revolutionary change is that we are able to industrialize beamforming active antennas now for 5G. All-silicon arrays offer significant cost and technical advantages such as low material costs, ZERO-CAL® to eliminate array calibration and green features to minimize electrical operating costs.”

Corman, a 38-year veteran in the mmWave industry with 49 patents worldwide, is the chief systems architect for Anokiwave, and firmly believes that increased integration with ZERO-CAL®, green features and field health monitors are primary enablers for cost competitive, high volume 5G systems.