Baseband module with 2 RF inputs P1 (Direct Input), P2 (With Pre-Amp), band pass filtering on the inputs and covering 2 to 6 GHz frequency range with built-in digitally controlled attenuator (31 dB gain control). It has dual Output P3 (for RF Processing) and P4 (input to a DLVA which AMC also supplies).

The Baseband Module and DLVA are form fit function replacement within Litton EW Receivers. The median gain from P1 to P3 is 22 dB min. and 48 dB from P2 to P3. Gain flatness is ±2.5 dB max. noise figure between P1 to P3 is 10 dB max. and 7.5 dB max. between P2 to P3. Isolation on Port P1 is 2 dB min. and Port P2 90 dB min.