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The MM2-0530SM from Marki Microwave is the most versatile, high performance, surface mount mixer for X- through K-Band ever produced. It is the world’s first truly triple balanced MMIC mixer covering these bands in one device. The MM2-0530SM provides exceptional spurious cancellation and port-to-port isolation for RF and LO frequencies from 5 to 30 GHz and IF frequencies from 2 to 20 GHz. These massively overlapping bands, along with outstanding performance, make the mixer ideal for the difficult frequency plans encountered in test & measurement, electronic warfare and synthesizer/LO generator applications.

There are three major categories of passive diode mixers: single balanced, double balanced and triple balanced, with each additional layer of balance increasing design complexity. The IF balun layout of the MM2-0530SM proved to be the most challenging Marki has released. Another major challenge arose from the overlapping LO, RF and IF bands, meaning that LO-to-IF and RF-to-IF isolation are extremely important. The MM2-0530SM offers LO-to-IF and RF-to-IF isolation of 25 to 45 dB, significantly better than competing double balanced mixers with IF isolation of 15 to 30 dB. This translates to dramatically improved IF harmonics and spurs. For example, with a 0 dBm input signal, the MM2-0530SM has typical third IF harmonic suppression of 90 dBc, compared to 51 dBc for a good double balanced mixer.

The MM2-0530SM is available with two diode levels, tailored to the desired tradeoff between linearity and LO drive power. The MM2-0530HSM offers +28 dBm input IP3 and +19 dBm P1dB with an LO drive between 16 and 22 dBm, while the MM2-0530LSM has +19 dBm input IP3 and +9 dBm P1dB and requires only 9 to 17 dBm LO drive. Datasheets, application notes and pricing are available from the website.

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