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For demanding aerospace and defense applications, MCV Microwave offers an extensive line of LC filters in surface-mount, drop-in and “connectorized” packages that withstand rugged environments. LC filter configurations comprise lowpass, highpass, bandpass, band reject, duplexers, multiplexers and tunable filters, with center frequencies from 100 kHz to 10 GHz.

As one example of MCV’s product capability, the BTL6400-900A1 is a 50 Ω, lumped element, LC bandpass filter with a center frequency of 6.4 GHz and passband of ±450 MHz. Maximum passband insertion loss is 3 dB with 1.2 dB or better flatness and 1.8:1 maximum passband VSWR. Attenuation is at least 55 dB at 5.13 GHz (820 MHz below the lower passband edge) and at least 50 dB at 7.33 GHz (480 MHz above the upper passband edge). The filter withstands average input power levels of 1 W CW. The BTL6400-900A1 is 1.25 in. x 0.38 in. x 0.38 in., with input/output pins extending the length by 0.2 in. total. The operating temperature range is from −55°C to +85°C.

In addition to catalog products, MCV welcomes custom designs, such as contiguous multiplexers, absorptive bandpass and notch filters, to improve the linearity and dynamic range of communications equipment. To reduce testing times of multi-band systems, MCV can design tunable filters and switched filter banks incorporating rugged tuning mechanisms to extend the usable life of the test system.

Founded in 1995, MCV Microwave has a rich heritage designing and manufacturing filters in multiple technologies, often incorporating proprietary, high Q materials. MCV is certified to AS9100D and can meet the requirements for high- reliability programs.

MCV Microwave
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